IMG_3294Where I am:

I am currently a Student of Dietetics at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, minoring in Hispanic studies.

I have been blessed to work in settings that feed my passions both while I am away at school and when I am home on breaks.

I like too many things that I can’t remember a time where I have had only one job. At school I have three:

  1. Personal training. I work at my school’s fitness center with female students and help them get comfortable in the gym and work toward their fitness goals.
  2. Yoga instructing. ‘Nuff said. Namaste.
  3. Health advocate-ing. I have the joy of helping my fellow students take care of them selves, by providing information on all kinds of health related topics and planning health- related events.

At home I have two:

  1. Personal training, yoga and barre instructing. I work in a wellness center that provides chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, personal training, functional nutrition and wellness coaching. I am so blessed to work and learn here.
  2. Brand advocating for Vital Proteins. I love sharing the healing power of Vital Proteins products and helping others towards healthy choices.

Where I hope to go:

In the fall of 2017 I will be entering my Junior year of college. Woah that’s weird to put in writing… and in the spring of 2018 I am studying abroad in Segovia, Spain to complete my Hispanic Studies minor.

I plan to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics in May of 2019, after which I will most likely complete a 1 year accredited internship before being able to sit for my RD exam.

Post graduation and potential RD I can currently see myself pursuing further education in the realm of Functional Medicine Coaching.