Warming Apple Walnut Oats

So the unthinkable happened this morning. I ran out of eggs.

Eggs are my staple breakfast but today instead I made these cinnamon apple oats using an apple that dropped on the floor when I was unloading my groceries earlier this week. LOL.

I knew I didn’t want to eat that bruised apple but I also didn’t want to waste it, so I chopped it up, cooked it in butter and cinnamon until it was just soft and used it to top my collagen oats! Finish with some flax seeds, walnuts and a lil driz of maple syrup for a filling and tasty breakfast!


1/2 oats, cooked

1 scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

1 tsp flax seeds

1 apple, diced and cooked in butter and cinnamon

Topping: walnuts and a splash of maple syrup

Directions: prepare oats however suits your fancy, microwave or stovetop. Mix in collagen peptides and flax seeds. Top with cooked apple, walnuts, and a splash of real maple syrup.




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