5 foods that are ALWAYS in my fridge

Diced up peppers and onions

I love to keep diced organic bell peppers and onion in a container or Stasher Bag in the fridge for easy veggies that I can add to countless things. Breakfast? Toss some peppers and onions in a pan and scramble in some eggs. Lunch? Add some rice or quinoa and beans to make a burrito bowl or quinoa salad. Dinner? Toss some chicken, beans, peppers and onions in the crockpot and in a couple hours you’ll have a chicken chili. The possibilities are endless and so easy when these are prepped in the fridge.


I start to get anxiety when I run out of eggs. Okay that’s a bit dramatic but actually… Eggs are such an easy source of protein that I know fuel me SO well. They are my breakfast most days, and are great in cauliflower fried rice, or hard boiled for a quick and nourishing snack.

Cooked turkey bacon

Another favorite item to keep in a Stasher bag, I hardly ever don’t have some turkey bacon ready to eat in the fridge. When I do my prep for the week I fry up a whole package, let it cool, stash it in a bag and eat off of it all week. The bacon is great with breakfast, or if you are like me, for that late night hunger that hits right when you crawl into bed. *Eyeroll*

Baby spinach

I am all about sneaking veggies in wherever I can, and spinach is a great way to do that. I love getting a box of organic, pre-washed greens and sprinkling a few leaves in wherever I can. You’ll find them in my morning eggs, sautéed next to my baked salmon, wilted in my pasta, blended into my protein shake, or made into a salad. I challenge YOU to eat an entire box of spinach each week. So doable. Pro tip to make your spinach last longer: fold up a paper towel and keep it on top of your greens inside their box. It will absorb the condensation that arrives as the leaves age, and keeping them dry will make them last longer!

In-season fruits

I love keeping fruit in the fridge for a grab-and-go snack, a side dish, or dessert. Finishing off my meal with a piece of fruit usually cuts my sweet tooth and is such a great source of vitamins and fiber! While it is easy to stick to apples, try and mix it up once and while! Try some pears, plums, or organic berries. Let the seasons decide your selection!

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