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You all know that I am all about putting the best into our bodies so that we can get the best out of them… but what about what we put on them?

All-over look

Did you know that the average adult uses about 9 personal care products daily with a grand total of 126 unique chemical ingredients? Even worse, 25% of females use at least 15 products on their skin, nearly every day. Considering that our skin is our body’s largest organ, with huge absorptive capacity, that is a lot of exposure.

Did you know that the FDA does not even require safety testing of ingredients of these personal care products before they are used? The federal law designed to ensure that personal care products are safe has been largely unchanged since 1938. Eighty years?! Can you even imagine the amount of new products that have been created since then?

During my sophomore year of college, I learned all about this insanity and about The Environmental Working Group’s App: Healthy Living. This app scores countless amounts of sunscreens, cosmetics and food products for health hazards, allergy concerns, cancer concerns, and developmental risks. When I scored some of the products that I used on a daily basis I was appalled at what I found. The eye makeup remover that I used daily had concern for allergy, cancer and developmental issues. The acne scrub that was finally “helping my skin” had a high allergy concern and slight cancer and developmental concerns. The makeup that I had grown up on mysteriously did not have many of their products scored, and the ones that did did not look good.

I began to slowly seek better alternatives for my personal care products- on a college student budget, mind you. This was extremely difficult and took a long, long time. I was able to find a couple of things that were better for me and that I could afford, but for the majority of my products (makeup being the most difficult) I ended up turning a blind eye because I could not find something that worked well while within my budget.

UNTIL NOW. I recently came across a company called Beautycounter through a friend, and was intrigued not only by their products, but also their mission to create change in the current situation of personal care products, the majority of which contain toxins, chemicals, and hormone disrupters through education and policy change.

Beautycounter is a makeup and personal care products brand that never tests on animals and is committed to producing products that go far beyond the standards of health and safety in the United States. Beautycounter’s Never List is made up of 1,500 questionable or harmful chemical that are never used in any of their products, 1,400 of which are banned or restricted by the European Union, and 1,000 others that are screened by Beauty Counter and thought to be of concern.img_0037Beautycounter products work well, and I can rest assured that no BC product that I put on my skin or in my hair is going to create problems for my health, or the health of others in the long run.

Like with food, I believe that we place our vote on this issue where we spend our dollar.

When we support local, organic farmers, we take business from Big Agriculture who sells nutrient-depleted foods from nutrient depleted soils and instead support a method of feeding the human race with more nutrient-dense foods in a more environmentally conscious manner.

When we choose to spend our dollars on chemically-conscious beauty and personal care products instead of conventional ones, we protect ourselves, while paving the way for market  and policy change for the future.

For this reason, I am so excited to announce that I have joined the Beautycounter movement as a consultant! I am so excited to team up with the other strong women behind this brand and I hope to use this platform to help educate others on why it is important to seek safer products while providing high-quality, high-performing safe alternatives.

If you have any questions about safer beauty please feel free to shoot me a comment, message or DM. I would love to chat.

Shop my Beauty Counter site:

Check the safety of your products:


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