Gluten free… why me?

Its me again, with a little bit on the why I have chosen to make the gluten free and dairy free switch.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been considering going gluten free and dairy free for a long time, but putting it off because it just seemed SO daunting. No cheese, no yummy cream in my coffee, no toast, no yogurt… the list goes on and on.

So, why have I felt the need to make this drastic switch to my diet? Acne. Persistent adult acne. *Eyeroll*

For the past few years I have struggled with acne on my cheeks and sometimes on my jawline that I just cannot seem to shake. I long for clear skin that I don’t feel the need to cover up, and the confidence to go out of the house without makeup. I am tired of the rollercoaster of seeing a bit of hope in my skin getting better, just for it to go downhill again. I want to find a solution that will work for the long term, naturally.

I have spoken with dermatologists and doctors and they all have wanted to prescribe an antibiotic or a chemical-filled topical cream to “fix” the problem. I am against those “solutions” because I believe that they do not truly treat the root cause of the problem, and am not interested in the side effects that they can cause. I try to avoid taking antibiotics at all costs to preserve the integrity of my gut, and I try to use all natural and organic products when possible to minimize my exposure to toxins and to reduce my environmental impact.

Part of dealing with acne is a self image issue that I have been working on as well. Acne is a normal part of life, and it should not make me feel embarrassed, and I should not feel the need to cover up my face. Although difficult, I have been working on changing my thinking to favor more positive self talk, and not letting my marks and scars bother me. It takes practice.

One of the resources that has helped me change my thinking is the company Cocokind, where I get my organic skincare products. They use their social media and their #ifmymirrorcouldtalk campaign to help others develop a healthy relationship with their acne while providing clean, natural products to help treat it. This women-run company inspires me and I am happy to support their mission to create safer skin care products that empower women. There is rarely a day I miss their Instagram stories because they are so real, uplifting, and encouraging.



Some of my favorite Cocokind products

While treating the surface of your skin is important in the management of acne, what goes IN your body is even more important. I have listened to countless podcasts and read so many articles about how the top two dietary components that contribute to acne are gluten and dairy. I have known for a long time that this change is something that I should do if I want to get rid of my acne naturally, but I could never talk myself into making the switch. I tried cleaning up my diet as much as I could, and would always talk myself into thinking that maybe if I try this new product or that, my face would start to clear up.

Well guess what? It hasn’t. So I am finally biting the bullet and cutting the bread, yogurt and ICE-CREAM (tear) to see if it makes the difference.

A gluten free and dairy free diet is recommended for more than just acne. In case you were wondering some of the other benefits to a gluten free and dairy free diet, here are just a few:

  • Eases digestive issues
  • Can provide extra energy by lifting brain fog
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Can help children with Autism
  • Can decrease inflammation
  • Improves symptoms of IBS
  • Less bloating
  • Clearer skin
  • Decreases oxidative stress

So far I have made it just over two weeks without gluten and dairy (aside from a few small cheats, I’m human), and I feel great.  I already think that I see less inflammation and redness in my skin and am excited to see if it continues! Stay tuned for my next post for some un-anticipated changes that I have had to make and some tips for removing some of the gluten and dairy staples like bread, cheese, and yogurt!

Thanks for reading!

Love, E


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