La primera semana

It has been a week since I have arrived here in Spain and I can definitely say that I am doing MUCH better today than I was a week ago. When I first arrived I was SO tired from travel, and the concept that I was nearly 5,000 miles away from my family hit me like a sack of bricks.

After a couple of days of good rest and fun times with my group I am having a great time.  Segovia is a gorgeous town, it is like a dream living here. There are so many places to walk and things to see. The weather here feels like Minnesota in the spring and the sun shines SO bright, I love it. I haven’t even worn a jacket the last couple of days. It’s the best.

School started Monday and I love all of my classes and professors. I can already tell that my Spanish is going to improve a lot. I am so excited for all that we are going to learn and enjoy the bit of routine that school brings. I walk to school twice each day, once for my early class, then I come home for lunch with my host mom, and I go back in the afternoon for my late class. I walk a minimum of 5.2 miles just for school every day. The walk to school goes pretty quick because it is really downhill, and the way back is quite the trek uphill. It is great exercise.

The food has been great; I have fresh orange juice with breakfast almost every day which  is such a treat, and the fish and fruit here are super good. My host mom makes everything from scratch and has been rotating through all of the traditional Spanish meals so that I can try them all. She is really sweet.

More updates soon!


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2 thoughts on “La primera semana

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Estee!
    Such a beautiful and historic looking city! The view of the mountains is wonderful, I hope you’ll get to do some hiking in them when it’s warmer.
    I’ve got to say, I’m not surprised after your long travel, that the distance from home factor set in. You can be sure that you weren’t the only one who felt this way. I’m glad that you are feeling better though after some much needed rest, and now some routine to your days. Once you’re back home again, you’ll want to know that you’ve experienced all that this opportunity had to offer, and you’ll be so glad that you were able to step out of your comfort zone to grow and learn. So proud of you Estee! I love you-Aunt Linda


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