Eatingwithestee takes on Spain

¡Hola! For those of you that don’t know, I am spending this semester in Segovia, Spain where I will finish my Minor in Hispanic studies. I am here with a group of 21 students from Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s and am studying at IE University. I am staying with a host mom and daughter, both of whom are very nice and hospitable.

Segovia is a smaller town, about 1.5 hours outside of Madrid and is surrounded by mountains. While the mountains are beautiful, they also make Segovia the coldest part of Spain. The weather is still quite a bit warmer than the bitter cold of Minnesota so it is enjoyable for me! The city features an ancient Roman Aqueduct, El Alcázar; a castle that belonged to the Kings and Queens of Castilla y León, plazas, monasteries, and precious streets and walkways.

Since I will have more time to write while I am abroad, I plan to document some of my adventures here, shifting the focus of my blog slightly away from strictly food. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty foodie pics – get ready to learn about traditional food from Spain!

While I am here my host mom will prepare all of my meals, which is quite the change for me, but they have been great so far. Some dishes I have tried include; La Torta Española, a lentil stew, a pumpkin soup, and jamón y queso para desayuno!

Más detalles pronto — Con amor,


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