New year, new adventures

This week marks a new stage in my life. My first week as a junior in college is complete along with my first week living in my first ever apartment and cooking all my own meals. So far, it’s been a blast… and yes mom, ALL my dishes are washed.

I am so excited for what this year will bring. Lovely new roommates, new roles at work, new classes, and studying abroad in Spain this spring are all to be looked forward to. I hope to document more of my cooking adventures here, and my adventures in Spain as well. We will see how that goes because.. well, school.

Simple dinner inspo: Wild caught salmon (from the ALDI freezer section) seared in avocado oil, seasoned with Trader Joe’s lemon pepper, pink salt, and fresh garlic, sautéed garden fresh kale seasoned with pink salt and garlic. Quick, easy, YUM.

I love that this new apartment thing brings a whole to social aspect to mealtimes. My roommates and I gravitate to our kitchen each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and share food, stories and laughs. Needless to say the kitchen is my favorite part of our place because 1) great people, and 2) good food.

Feeling blessed.

Good luck to students kicking off their new year this Tuesday, enjoy your last weekend of summer!



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