Continuous Brew Kombucha Instructions


You will need:

-Organic Black tea, green tea, or a combination of both

-Organic cane sugar

-1.5 gallon or larger glass beverage container with spigot.

-1 cup of Kombucha tea (from a previous batch or a store bought bottle if you are just starting. I recommend GT’s, you can find at Cub, Coborn’s or Target)

-SCOBY that you can get from a friend, OR you can make your own, see instructions below

To make Kombucha:

  • Boil 1 gallon of water in a stock pot. Remove from heat.
  • Add 10 tea bags and brew for 3-5 minutes. Remove tea bags.
  • Add 1 cup of organic sugar. Mix until combined.
  • Let the sweet tea cool. Completely.

I like to do this step in the evening, let it cool overnight, and then remove the tea bags and finish the process in the morning

  • Pour the gallon of cooled sweet tea and 1 cup of ready- made Kombucha into your clean glass beverage container
  • Place SCOBY in with the tea
  • Cover with a coffee filter and a rubber band or a clean cloth. Your SCOBY baby needs air, so don’t do anything crazy and seal it up.
  • Place away from direct sunlight, somewhere it won’t get too jostled around.
  • Let it sit for about a week, depending on the temperature of your home.
  • Test it every day after the first 5 days or so to to see how you like the flavor, the less time you let it sit, the sweeter it will be. The longer it sits, the more “vinegary” it will be.
  • After it gets to the flavor you like, use the spigot to empty 2/3rds of the brewed Kombucha into a pitcher, jars, or bottles and place in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure, OR begin a second ferment.

Here is where the “continuous” part comes in- brew another gallon of sweet tea and pour on top of the remaining Kombucha in your drink container and in a week you will have another batch.

  • After bottling, you can drink your Kombucha, or you can flavor it for a second ferment.
  • Add fruit, real fruit juice, fresh herbs like mint and basil to your bottles, let them sit on the counter for a few days to a week instead of putting them in the fridge. This is when things get bubbly. The bacteria will eat the sugar in the fruit or juice that you use to flavor it with and continue to ferment, producing CO2 gas- bubbles! Make sure to “burp” them during the second ferment to make sure your jars or bottles don’t burst. After they get to a flavor that you like put them in the fridge and take one out to drink as you need.

To make your own SCOBY you will need:

1 Bottle of Plain, store bought Kombucha. I recommend GT’s. You can find at Cub, Coborns,  Target or various Co-ops.

Organic Black Tea

Organic cane sugar

Large jar

  • Brew 1 cup of black tea and add 1-2 tbsp organic sugar
  • Let cool, and place in jar with a bottle of plain, store bought Kombucha.
  • Cover with a coffee filter and a rubber band or a clean cloth
  • Let sit out of direct sunlight in a place that won’t get jostled until the SCOBY forms on top of the tea. It will look like a white film. When it is about ¼ inch thick it is ready to make your own Kombucha using the process above.

When touching your SCOBY to move it around use clean hands, put plastic bags over your hands if it grosses you out, or use a plastic tongs. NOT METAL.

Enjoy! Comment with questions or your own Kombucha experiences!

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